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When Danny O'Shea's daughter is cut from the Peewee football team just for being a girl, he decides to form his own team, composed of other ragtag players who were also cut. Can his team really learn enough to beat the elite team, coached by his brother, a former pro player?

For everyone who's waited to be chosen, and wasn't... your day has come.

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Movie infos Little Giants

Release : 1994-10-14
Genre : Comedy, Family, Sports Film
Runtime : 107 minutes
Company :



Rick MoranisasDanny O'Shea
Ed O'NeillasKevin O'Shea
Devon SawaasJunior Floyd
Shawna WaldronasBecky 'Icebox' O'Shea
Todd BosleyasJake Berman
Michael ZwienerasRudy Zolteck
Danny PritchettasTad Simpson
Troy SimmonsasRashid Hanon
Sam HorriganasSpike Hammersmith
Joey SimmrinasSean Murphy
Marcus TojiasMarcus
Christopher WalbergasTimmy Moore
Matthew McCurleyasNubie